Another Developer

About Me

When I was around 12 years and the public internet was starting up, I was quickly interested in building websites. Starting with marquee, framesets and tables. JavaScript back then was only used to make great mouse trails and snowy/galatic backgrounds. Good times…

I was even programming in Basic on a Commodore 64 at some point, which was old school even in 2000.

After websites I became more interested in user interaction, so I stumbled upon PHP and MySQL. I liked building interactive websites, and guestbooks was still a thing back then.

After graduating from high school I went to an IT university where I was introduced to Java. This is where I first got in touch with professional programming using object oriented programming and design patterns. During my education I did internships in PHP, Java and C#. I actually liked PHP back then, due to it being a lightweight language which was easily to set-up.

When college was done I started working at Accenture, a big multi-national consulting company where I learning to program ABAP. That is the programming language of SAP. I was 22 at the time, so I pretty much liked anything technical back then… After 5 years of working at Accenture I switched to my current employer; Oliver IT. At Oliver IT I started as an ABAP/UI5 developer for a few months, and then I was assigned to a Backbone.js front-end project with a Node.js back-end. This was actually my first experience with JavaScript again after jQuery/Protoype. Since them I’m pretty much a full-stack developer with Node.js and React.js (Oliver IT choose React.js as successor of Backbone.js).

About the blog

Currently I’m holding a senior/lead developer position at Oliver IT and many of my colleagues are asking for my advise on their technical challenges. I think they ask me because I like to help them and I can usually answer their questions… And I’m also a pretty nice guy (I think :)).

I started this blog because I wanted to write some stuff down for future reference and I’m interested in what others think on my view on the matter. I hope this will help me to improve my skills.

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